Saturday, 23 August 2014

I'm not in the mood for fiction

Since coming home from Swanwick I’ve been struggling to get back into writing short stories.  My mood affects my writing. Unless I’m feeling sufficiently upbeat and positive, my stories can come out flat and dull.
So, instead of stories, I’ve been working on a short panto for a local  charity. They work with older people and plan to start a performance group in September, hence the panto. It's a 21st Century take on Cinderella and runs for less than half an hour.
Writing it was a challenge but it was also fun because it was something completely different.  I find I can write non fiction whatever my mood, it’s just stories I need to be in the right place for.
It’s the start of the Bank Holiday weekend and at the moment I have no plans apart from getting some work done. Now all I have to do is work on my mood, so time to put on some happy music and play with some ideas. Hopefully one of those ideas will inspire me enough to get the pen moving.

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