Friday, 17 October 2014

Keeping busy

I’ve been so busy, I haven’t had time to blog. Since my all too brief fling came to an end, I’ve been filling my days in order to avoid feeling miserable  I’m over the worst now, thank goodness, which means I need to get back to some serious work.
Norah McGrath of Fiction Feast fame came to my rescue two days ago when she emailed asking if I had any one page stories with twist endings, and if so , could I email them to her. Whenever an editor asks me for anything, I jump. I sent her three the next day, and another last night, which just goes to show what can be achieved when you focus.
I’m hoping to partake in NaNoWriMo so I only have what’s left of October to get my story numbers back up. I’m happily surprised at how much better I’ve been doing this year compared to 2013. It proves how far I’ve come on my road to recovery.
I’ve booked a four day break with National Holidays to Devon at the end of the month. The idea being that the break and the sae air will give me an energy boost in readiness to get on with a  novel.
Today, Friday, is now an art day, with a group in the morning and volunteer session in the afternoon. I didn’t get much done at either as I spent too much time chatting. Had a lovely conversation about the Crucible this afternoon which was great as I missed the second half of the play  when I went to see it.
On a personal note. I have had some responses to my ad in Two’s Company (lonely hearts) but so far haven’t actually managed to meet up with anyone. More news, as and when it happens, and if nothing does happen, there’ll be a story in it somewhere.
Tomorrow afternoon, I’m at the Light, Headrow, Leeds, from 12 – 3, vigilating an art exhibition for Arts And Minds. I have two paintings in the exhibition ( a portrait of a lion and one of a  Maine Coon), the first time I’ve ever been able to say that. They’re for sale too and I’ll be thrilled if either of them finds a buyer.  If you’re in Leeds, why not pop by and say hello?
I’m planning on take a notepad and some ideas with me so that if it’s quiet, I can do some work. I used to think that I could only write in the mornings. Now I know that if I really want to, I can write any place, any time.  Maybe I can come up with some more one page twist stories….

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