Friday, 16 January 2015

Making plans

OK, I admit it. I find working from home hard. I get lonely  and I’m so easily distracted. It’s so different from going out to work when there’s a boss with a beady eye, checking up on you.  
I have tried all kinds of things including various different kinds of timetables from fixed to flexible ones. It seems that however much I plan to do things, it doesn’t work.
Recently, a friend said this - while people plan, God laughs. That made me smile. It also made me think. We can’t change the past and we have no guarantee of anything in the future.  That means that going with the flow makes a lot of sense. So from now on, no plans, at least not as far as work goes.
Of course, some plans are impossible to avoid. If I don’t plan a holiday, i.e. book it, I might not get to go away. I HAVE actually booked something. A week’s cruise, starting in Corfu, and ending with a week’s stay on the island. I am taking my ex because he turns 70 this year and because I’m a big coward and can’t quite face the thought of a big ship on my own.  
I had planned (there’s that word again) to go on several holidays this year as it’s the year I reach the big 60 but that’s looking less likely. My passport expires in Jan 2016 so I will need to renew it.  Do I send it off now and worry in case it doesn’t get done in time (my cruise isn’t for months yet but there HAVE been delays….) or wait until I get back? I am useless at making decisions of all kinds!
I am keeping a brief note of what I do, workwise, each day (when I remember). So far this month (it’s the (16th ) I have finished three new stories and sent another 20 to various magazines after tweaks or rewrites. I’m quite happy with that as I’ve been a bit lazy recently thanks to Christmas, New Year and the winter weather making me feel more like hibernating than anything else.  It’s good to see, in balck and white, that I have done SOME work.
I am still not writing the books but there is a light at the end of the tunnel.  I am going into town on Monday afternoon to spend two or three hours with my hypnotherapist but NOT for a session. We’re going to meet as friends so that we can  work on our books together. I think it’s a brilliant idea. Of course whether it actually happens  depends on the weather. If it snows, I’ll be staying home (we all know what happens when I make a plan….)
Leaving writing for a moment.  A quick update on other stuff. I have been back to the gym for another  session and am now considering actually joining. I have also started a new, ten week, art class. Also Heydays  and the choral society have started up again after the Christmas break.  I am determined to try other groups and go to new places as soon as the weather improves.
Headline news. I have given up looking for love. I figure it either arrives or it doesn’t. As a result,  I have left Two’s Company and the Times dating site. (I am still on but only because the *****s renewed my subscription before I remembered to cancel it. Be warned!).  

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