Monday, 9 January 2017

JANUARY 9TH , 2017

The weather - grey, wet, miserable, is reflecting my mood. Today would have been Gareth’s 66th Birthday and that always makes me sad. Sad that he died so young and so that I still haven’t found anyone else to love.
Over Christmas, I expanded part one of my first ever serial to meet People’s Friend requirements. I also sent them an outline of parts two and three. On the 6th of January, I was given the green light which means I have to write the rest. On days like today, when I feel blue, there’s zero point trying to write anything as my words will come out flat and lifeless. Happily, I know this will pass and in a day or so, I will be up and raring to go.  
The problem I have is what to do now.
I’ve just had a bullying conversation with the estate agent who wants me to exchange on my purchase now. I have asked for the 24th, as it’s then that I complete on the sale of my house in Leeds ( I am moving into a b and b in Taunton during the gap between sale and purchase). To me that makes sense and I don’t really understand what the problem is. There will still be 8 days between exchange and completion whereas in the past, and I have moved LOTS of times, exchange and completion have more or less happened at the same time.  
I am hoping the vendors come back and say the 24th is OK, otherwise, I will have to take the risk.
At least I am going out tonight. A curry with friends is exactly what ‘s needed. I will be so glad once this move is over. My previous moves didn’t affect me half as badly as this one. Maybe it’s because this move matters. For the first time since Gareth died, I feel I am moving for a good reason.

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