Thursday, 16 February 2017


I have moved.
I admit that’s hardly news, I’ve been going on it for what feels life forever. There were times, many times, when I didn’t believe it would actually happen. Now it has, I am still in shock. I don’t know this bit of Exeter so I am doing everything I can to find out about  what goes on here.
I have tested the bus into town, sampled the food at the nearest pub, (The Devon Yeoman) cheap but really really good and discovered they have live music every now and then, plus a monthly quiz. 
On Sunday, I went to the ISCA church where people were so friendly plus I had a good sing. On Monday I am going to a death café and on Tuesday, I hope to try out a community choir. Tomorrow morning, there’s a drop in café at the community centre, less than five minutes away. I have also found a lovely friendly café too in Whipton Village which is a ten minute walk away. To get there, I walk down a lane, past playing fields, and trees. It’s so different from where I was in Leeds. Unless of course, it’s me that’s different… But I’m not getting into that at the moment. Enough to say that I am amazed, delighted and thrilled that I moved. 
The house, which I only viewed once and for about five minutes, needs serious money spending on it but, and I hardly dare say this, I'm thinking I might stay put for a while in which case I might actually get to enjoy the benefits of any improvements. The living room, compared to my last house, is so much bigger which is great. It's at the back too, so I can look out on the birds. . 
I have already arranged to have a new boiler (which led to needing a new shower too.……) and am looking to get the kitchen sorted in the spring.
Maybe my moving days are over – unless love sweeps me off my feet of course.
What about writing, I hear you screaming? I am easing myself back into it, slowly. Very slowly. So don’t be surprised if my stories disappear from the magazines for a few months. I WILL be back. Just not yet. 


  1. So glad you are settling in and getting involved in the local community.

  2. It sounds as though you're already starting to feel at home, Linda. I hope you'll be very happy there.

  3. 'The Writers Treasury of Ideas' can I buy 8 copies direct from you fot use at my U3A group? Contact please.