Monday, 12 December 2016

Moving, I hope....

A quick update on my move. My purchaser is champing at the bit, keen to confirm everything for January 9th whilst I am waiting to hear from the Exeter end. I have just called my wonderful estate agent (Your Move, Crossgates, ask for Sandra) who is going to chase everything for me. I have had nothing. No contract, no property information form. I even wrote a letter and have had no response to that. It would be easy to panic and worry but I have finally figured out that worrying is useless. What will happen, wil happen, whether I worry or not. If things do go pear shaped, I will just find another house to buy.
Of course, I may not be actively worrying but the situation is always in the forefront of my mind which doies not help when it comes to being creative. I have only finished one new story so  far this month, way behind my target, so I will put moving out of my head and crack on.
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