Friday, 9 December 2016

Catching Up

It's been a while since I blogged..... Sadly I'm still single....
On the home front, a lot has happened.

I moved, again, this time to a lovely big airy light filled hose in a quiet cul de sac. I did it up the way I wanted, fixed everything that needed fixing and was still unhappy.
A short holiday to Devon, where I lived from 1994 to 2009 helped me to see that I need to leave Leeds. I need to go back to a place I thought I'd left for good.   A place with history. I was living in Exeter when my husband died in 1997. It was also where my mother lived and in case you don't; know, she was a HORRIBLE woman. Happily tiem has healed enough of the pain so that I can return to a place where I feel more comfortable.
It's an odd thing, that sense of belonging to a place. That lightness you feel when you go somewhere that suits you. I feel that way in various places including Edinburgh and in Scarborough but it's to Exeter that I want to return. .
Nothing definite yet, but if things work out, I hoe to be moving back there in January. It will mean another unsettled period when I don't write as much. My short story sales will take a dip but as I was bale to prove this year, I can catch up.
The first half of 2016 didn't bring many sales. . I spent several months staying in other people's houses after selling my previous house in October 2015. After moving here in January this year, I spent a lot of time working on the house and garden but in the end I managed to catch up. At the moment, I have sold fifty one stories this year which is amazing. . It would be great to get to fifty two - one a week, but you can't have everything. 
I have also found a new epublisher who has produced new versions of my writers guides, two of which are new. I am especially proud of HOW TO WRITE STORIES WITH TWIST ENDINGS but I don't want this to be a market place.
If you want to buy my books, you can check out my author page on Amazon. They're all listed there. Here's where I want to show you that for me at least, writing really is easy.

I hope to post every week but with a move coming up soon, that might not work out. Much depends on how quickly I get set up once I'm in Devon. .....
Meanwhile if you want to ask any questions, message me on twitter -  @writingiseasy


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