Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Good enough

Sometimes, the words come but they don’t flow.
I have a basic story which has a decent plot, good characters and so on, but the whole thing lacks what I like to call a spark.  When that happens, I put the story to one side for a few days and usually something occurs to me that will give the story a lift.
I’ve been working on two Valentine’s day stories for a while now. I’ve done the put them to one side thing and came up with an extra twist for one of them but I’m still not one hundred percent happy. Now I have a choice. I can put them away again and see if they look better in a few weeks, or I can send them off as they are. This time I’m going for option two. Valentine’s Day is far enough away so that if Fiction Feast reject them, I still have a chance of a sale elsewhere. In the meantime, that extra something may have occurred to me so that when I tweak for the next magazine, the story will be better.  
There is no moral to this story but it does have a point .Sometimes a story doesn’t need to be great to make a sale - all it has to be is good enough for its target market. 

Later today, I'm going to the first meeting of the new performance group at my local Good Neighbours  in Crossgates. I'm trying not to be anxious about it. Underneath this often cripplingly shy exterior there's a diva struggling to get out!

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