Friday, 5 September 2014

Writing fiction is easy.

Writing fiction is easy.
I chose that title to make people think because writing fiction IS easy. What’s difficult is writing good fiction or fiction that will be accepted by your chosen market. That’s the hard bit.
I’m not writing well at the moment which is, frankly, odd. My big romance has mutated into a friendship which is fine by me, and my social calendar is becoming busier. I should therefore be in a better place, as regards writing, than I’ve been in for a long long time yet my writing has lost its zing. I’m not  sure why. It could simply because I haven’t been doing very much story writing recently. It could be that since my ex started seeing a woman he met on,  my single woman status has been brought home to me rather more. Something else which may have caused the problem is what I call my emotional tank. When it’s full up to overflowing, there’ s not always room for anything else. Getting emotion into a story so that the reader cares what happens, is for me, the key to a good story but in order to tap into that, I need room in my tank. When I was down and depressed, I was too full of misery, then when I fell in love, I was too full of love. I’m hoping that now things have simmered down, I will soon get back to normal.
Something I AM sure about is this; I have to keep writing and someday, my mojo will come back with a vengeance. 
In case you're wondering about John's daughter, she's staying with him until she can find somewhere else. I have no idea how long that's going to take. I just hope he can hold it together. 
On the successes front, I sold a story to Fiction Feast this week and I also  have a story in their  latest (October) edition.
As always, if anyone wants to ask me a writing related question, I can be reached by email on  

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