Friday, 26 September 2014

Writing about love when your heart is breaking

I am very aware that this blog is meant to be about writing but lately I’ve had other things on my mind. This afternoon, I’m going to Weetwood Hall for a romantic writing retreat but feel as about romantic as a squashed hedgehog.
Regarding my singleton status, I keep getting all kinds of advice, much of it contradictory. People say that while I’m looking, I won’t find anyone but is that true? I know so many people who’ve found love thanks to the internet and if that’s NOT looking, I don’t know what is. I’m told that love appears when you least expect it but as I’ve said before, being a writer, I kind of half expect it all the time, thanks to my very fertile imagination. 
I’m left  wondering what to do. To me it makes sense to try all kinds of things, even lonely hearts, but maybe I’m wrong. Maybe I should just forget about finding love and get on with my life instead. As I type that, it seems to make sense so that’s my current plan…
Yesterday, I achieved my target of five short story sales this month . Three to Fiction Feast, one to Sweden, and a longer story (4300 words ) to Woman’s Weekly. Now I need to make up the numbers again which means I really do need to get back to writing new stories.  It’s all about numbers. I can’t sell stories if I haven’t written them so my aim, for now until the end of October, is to write at least five, decent, new stories.
My first visit to Lees Choral Society went well. They seem like a nice bunch with some great voices amongst them. I’m a bit lost with the Wagner at the moment but now I have the score, I can have a bit of practice before I go again. It was my first time on a bus late at night since I moved to this side of Leeds. I had to be careful to make sure I got off the bus at the right place!
Overall, it’s been a good week, despite the tears. I feel I’m going in the right direction. Quite where I’m headed, I don’t know but at least I’m on the move again.

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